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Comparison Of Translation Engines

This article is intended to overview a few most popular engines for automatic translation. The overview will give you brief information about each translation engine. Plus we’ll try to give you some comparison of them based on the number of supported languages and quality of made translation. We are going to focus our attention on […]

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Meet LangShop New Website!

Creating a new website for LangShop, our aim was to collect all useful information about the app in one place. Furthermore, we decided to make a kinda guide of LangShop and made multiple useful services! For whom we did it: For our regular customers who want to refresh info about the app and learn something […]

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We’ve Launched Own Blog!

Back in 2016, when our team was creating LangShop application, it was an idea to make a thematic blog where we would share interesting and useful articles about translation, multilingualism, and just tell our customers about LangShop updates and other important events. But we had to pass a long way before launching own blog. On […]

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LangShop Ecosystem Status

Working at LangShop app we always try to implement useful services that make the app better. Ecosystem status page is one of them. Why do you need ecosystem status? From the very beginning let’s explain the examples. Imagine, that opening the LangShop website you see that it doesn’t work (partly or at all). Or another […]

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Ticket System – New Way To Support Customers

Ticket system – it’s a brand new and convenient way in customers support. Now it’s available for LangShop users! LangShop support system The world of Shopify applications is full of tools to improve stores. Due to the complicated functionality (or other reasons) using any of them can be a challenge for users. Therefore, they are […]

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LangShop New Service – Community

When you translate your Shopify store with the help of LangShop, there is a Community that will support and help you. LangShop provides the following resources, where customers can find guides on how to use the app: Help Center for store owners Developers Documentation Community LangShop Help Center and Developers Documentation contain detailed, step-by-step instructions […]